A few words about Us 

long wraps from lunalove brand


The founder and originator of LunaLove brand and lunababy.pl online store is Marlena Potiomkin - adviser of babywearing certified in ClauWi school, Msc in physiotherapy, loving mother of two daughters and warm, sensitive person. Thanks to Marlena our products keep excellent quality and are perfectly fit into the user's body. Every product was done below her eye to keep the most important requirements regarding comfort and safety.

How was the idea born?

To start telling You all the story from the beginning, we need to back a little bit to the past. For a long time, we have been looking for an idea or some reason to open own business. Of course we tried in many directions from high tech, IT and more, but finally, when our first daughter was born we found a Wrap and starting to teach more and more about this specified area. Then after the time, we open our small manufacturer and brand LunaLove. 


Today we have more and more products every month and we'll not stop there. Long wraps, sling wraps are just the beginning, then take care and look time to time at our online store. We also have in mind plans to create a clothes collection for breastfeeding moms, t-shirt for dads and much more. 

Best regards 

Team Lunababy.pl