FAQ - your questions

Annotation: We make every effort to ensure that our responses are accurate and truthful. The answers that we give it's from nature only information and we do not assume any responsibility for it.

What is babywearing? What is that? How to do that?

It's not a simple question, why? Because babywearing in a wrap is a series of activities(elements) that are combined into one babywearing type. In the simplest way, babywearing is returning to tradition, where with the help o appropriate wrap, the mother bind baby to her body with help of fabrics, thanks to that Mother got free hands and constant contact with her baby. Today due to technological advances and medical advances, the process of babywearing moved to a completely different level. We know how to bind baby to support a correct position of Mother body and correct development of the baby. For sure, you will found more on google 

What are the carriers?

The "Peasant Reason" is a kind of harness that puts the child in the right position and with the help of clamps and other stuff which allows the child to be properly bound to the Parent. The carriers are a modern form of Asian old one.

What kind of wrap and carrier could You found and buy?

Currently, in our shop you can find: long wrap, of course, it is just one kind of wrap. At present there are many types, we can distinguish them by weave, length or material, one of the most popular divisions used by everyone looks as follows:
  • Long wrap
  • Ring slings 
  • Elastic wrap (slings wrap), which we personally do not recommend
In addition, to wrap, many companies produce ergonomic carriers, hip carriers

Which wrap to start babywearing?

The best way is to contact with some babywearing adviser and test some wrap and bind types. Mainly for start we recommend 4,2 m woven wrap made from 100% cotton. It's very good reference point

Which Size of wrap?

First of all, the long wrap is usually made in sizes: 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m 5,2m. The length of the wrap is mainly based on the size of Your body and the bind type would You like to use, as shown in the table below:


Your clothes size
Babywearing type363840424446
Kangaroo3,6 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,6 m
Simple backpack3,6 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,6 m
Pouch4,2 m4,6 m4,6 m4,6 m5,2 m5,2 m


Your clothes size
Babywearing type363840424446
Kangaroo3,6 m3,6 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,6 m
Simple backpack3,6 m3,6 m4,2 m4,2 m4,2 m4,6 m
Pouch4,2 m4,2 m4,6 m5,2 m5,2 m5,6 m
Of course, the choice is Yours, buying a longer wrap You may involve some problem, the babywearing could be cumbersome, but it does not bother all people. Some people prefer longer wraps and handle them very well, if necessary you need to shorten wrap after buying one of very long size, You could go to the tailor / The seamstress to cut it.