Babywearing Adviser - Marlena Potiomkin 

MSc physiotherapy and certificated babywearing adviser Marlena Potiomkin

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My name is Marlena Potiomkin, and since 2016 I have been Master of Physiotherapy next since 2015 I'm Advisor of ClauWi School of Babywearing, I finished the advanced course in babywearing in wrap and carriers. At present, I mainly deal in babywearing, but I do not forget about the profession and I am constantly learning in the pelvic rehabilitation of Women by BEBO. I am the mother of two children, so I try to be the best in my profession because I put over all the health of children and Mothers :). All interested I invite you to my blog learn more about the babywearing and the world of wrap and my world. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, you can find me at::

I will try to answer all your questions and concerns about the choice of wrap, babywearing and things related to children :)